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Department of the History and Philosophy of Science

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Head of the Department – Professor Vladimir Vasyukov, D.Sc. in Philosophy.


The department carries out the preparation of post-graduate students for the academic examination and the reception of the entrance examinations on Philosophy and the candidate examinations on History and Philosophy of Science from the post-graduate students, applicants, trainees and employees of Institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Head of the educational department: Tatiana Krylova.


Professor Vladimir Vasyukov - D.Sc. in Philosophy, Head of the Department;

Professor Marina Kiseleva - D.Sc. in Philosophy;

Professor Vladimir Arshinov - D.Sc. in Philosophy;

Professor Vladimir Budanov  - D.Sc. in Philosophy;

Professor Vladimir Lepsky - D.Sc. in Psychological Science;

Professor Igor Liseev - D.Sc. in Philosophy;

Professor Elena Shulga - D.Sc. in Philosophy;

Professor Pavel Tishchenko - D.Sc. in Philosophy;

Associate Professor Sergey Konyaev - Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences;

Associate Professor Ekaterina Petrova - Ph.D. in Philosophy;

Associate Professor Valentina Veryaskina - Ph.D. in Philosophy.



Address: Russian Federation, Moscow, 12 Goncharnaya street, bldg. 1.

(metro station "Taganskaya"), room 210.

Phone: +7 (495) 697-90-76